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Congratulations on being nominated as one of our BNI-Go Getters - #BNIGoGet


In June 2017, leading up to our Female Focus Week, we launched our BNI London Hub GO-GETTER series, kicking off with 9 female Go-Getter members (#WIBNILon - see links further below). 

We interviewed the nominated our go-getters;  wrote up articles on each of them and posted the articles widely across our social platforms  Twitter | Facebook Instagram  | Website as well as via Laura Hurren's LinkedIn account.


Why our Go-Getter articles were such a success:

Each of the featured Go-Getters shared their articles and those of the other go-getters' - across their own social media platforms; other members engaged and shared too.  That's what we're asking you to do too.  Once the article is out there - share and use as much as you can.  Get your fellow members to do the same. 

... Now it's your turn

We’ve opened the Go-Getter article opportunity up to our 30+ London groups' members and it is to become a regular feature where we focus on those deemed by their peers to be 'go getters' - i.e. members who stand out from the crowd in some way.

As one of the first nominees, here's how it will work.

Using the questions below, you'll provide us with your input.  Inevitably, the more interesting your story – the more visibility you will achieve.  People just love good stories.  Having received your content, we'll review it.  Next will be an informal telephone interview where we delve deeper and/or clarify any points. You get to give the article the OK before we go live.

 Remember, it's NOT a sales pitch...

Yes, of course, the article will talk about what you are doing and your business but what we are after is your own personal and/or business journey story; how you got to where you are now; how you came to join BNI and any role BNI has played in your success.  The BNI element is important too - we are looking for great BNI stories to include.


  1. In providing details of your social media platforms below, you are agreeing that we can tag and mention you as appropriate.
  2. You agree to promote the published article via your own platforms and to encourage your chapter members to do so too
  3. In providing the photo jpeg, you agree that we can use this in promoting your article and our Go Getter campaign
  4. BNI London Hub reserves the right to include or not, any information you provide.  This may mean we do not include everything.
  5. BNI London Hub reserves the right not to write a Go-Getter article if for some reason, it is deemed inappropriate.

And here we go...



These ‘interview’ style questions are really intended as prompters.  We want to extract some interesting content about you; shareable content about which we can write an article about you.  In essence, we'll be looking for an angle that makes an interesting story for the reader. 

Take as much space as you like with your answers.  If a question feels uncomfortable, just skip it.  Likewise, if there’s something you want to add - feel free to do so.  


Copy and paste the questions into a WORD or EMAIL document, answer and send along with a good head and shoulders jpeg photo, to amanda@bnidirector.com or directly to elizabeth@elizabethfloyd.co.uk


Your Name:

Business Name:

What Industry are you in?

Your Role in the Business/Job Title:

Getting to know you

How did you get where you are today/your journey?

Your Greatest Challenges and/or Achievements (whatever you would like to share)

What did you want to be ‘when you grew up’?  Is that still a ‘wish’ or are you already there?

If you had a dinner party and could invite any person or persons you like and they would come,  who would that be and why?

Who/What inspires you?  Role Models? Favourite Quotes that guide you?

Whether from a personal or business perspective, what advice would you give your 20-year-old self today.  (if you are only in your 20s then you can ignore this question)

Business you

Tell us about Your Products or Services and what makes you stand out from the crowd:

Your Ideal Customer/Dream Client? The person or business you would most like to meet? (be as specific as you like)

Where do you see yourself in the next 3 or 5 years (or longer).

Do you think BNI can help with this goal?  How?


How long have you been a BNI Member?

What do you believe is the benefit of being part of BNI

Do you have any great BNI stories to share? Good news? Great referral? Case Study? Another Member?

What’s your top tip for anyone thinking about visiting or joining one of our London BNI Groups

Your online presence

IMAGES:  please remember to attach a good JPEG head and shoulders and any other images you are happy for us to use.  

LINKSPlease provide links and profile names for any of the following:





Best contact number (not to be published)

Whatsapp Y/No (not to be published)


Company Website

Personal or Company Blog

Videos you would like to feature


Anything else to add?

Once we receive your information, we'll be in touch re setting up a time to have a talk through your questions.   

Have a question in the meantime - email elizabeth or contact Amanda: 01923 777071 amanda@bnidirector.com 

Read our spotlighted Go-Getters’ stories (and their views on BNI) here:

  1. Catherine Baudino PhD, MNCP, FRS  | Business & Personal Coach
  2. Saskia Johnston      | Forex, Sable International
  3. Elizabeth Marsh     | Floral Designer
  4. Giulia Remondino  | Genius in 21 Days Memory Techniques
  5. Zoe Clews                | Harley Street Hypnotherapist
  6. Dee Burrowes         | MINDSET Strategist
  7. Beverley Corson     | Business Growth Programme
  8. Emma Sear              | Property Lawyer
  9. Kate Ketzel              | Norland Nannies of  Live-in Care